What is Beard Transplant?


Beard is for many people a symbol of virility and masculinity. Today it has even become a fad and the norm for most men. Beard transplantation is a very popular procedure in cosmetic surgery, the results are spectacular in terms of the thickening and increase in the density of your beard hair.

The technique is the same as a hair transplant, it consists of taking the hair follicles at the back of your head, where they are very thick, then transplanting them to the hairless areas or little dense areas of your face.

The FUE method is used for beard transplantation.

Before your intervention, during the consultation, you and the doctor will draw the lines of your beard then he will determine the number of grafts needed. For a hairless person, 2,000 to 3,000 grafts can be extracted. For a person with a lack of hair density, the number of grafts will vary according to their expectations.

The procedure will be performed under local anaesthesia and will take more or less 7 hours.

The expert himself will be in charge of opening the channels, which determines the future direction of growth of your beard hair. Then, he and his team will re-implant the follicles harvested earlier one by one.

After 5 months the beard grows at a normal rate.

A first shave can be done 6 months after the transplant.


Observe here one of our results, done by M.H.D.



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